Donald Trump proposes immigration reform similar to past proposals

Devin Vaudreuil, writer

September 20, 2015

For the readers who have been keeping up with presidential candidates and their reform ideas, many can recall Donald Trump’s proposal for the deportation of millions of immigrants. His proposed plan would take 20 years and...

CAYA Girls basketball roster

September 17, 2015

Varsity 1) Mattie Sue Nafie 2) Ryleigh Lewis 3) Emmalina Pleshka 4) Olivia Leesburg 5) Darla Milholm 6) Heidi Kalua 7) Christa Horton 8) Hannah Falcon 9) Sofe Fowler 10) Isabelle Barnes  ...

Dear Brock See

Dear Brock See

September 13, 2015

Claire Edens: An Addict?

Claire Edens: An Addict?

September 10, 2015

Dear Brock See

Dear Brock See

September 2, 2015

Collegedale Academy’s auditorium undergoes renovation

Devin Vaudreuil, writer

August 31, 2015

Since the first day of school, students and faculty at Collegedale Academy have been shocked with the sight of a deconstructed chapel area. The unusual display has kept curiosities at a high, and questions have been floating about...

How do Collegedale Academy athletes pump up before a game?

Morgan Nash, writer

August 24, 2015

Alonzo Horton "After getting warmed up, my team gathers in a big huddle. I then squat down in the middle of them. We, like, move around and I'm in the middle and I say, 'who's got my back?' and they say, 'I got your back!' The chant goes on several times,...

Opus begins school year without choir director Roberta Bishop

Isabelle Kaneza, editor

August 23, 2015

On Saturday, August 15, 2015, Opus XVI performed their first piece at the Collegedale Church without the presence of their beloved teacher, Ms. Roberta Bishop. Almost a week before the commencement of the 2015-2016 school year,...

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