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    CA iPads: Overrated


    By: Isabelle Kaneza

    iPads at Collegedale Academy are not a new addition. We have experienced the joys of having the device constantly at our beck and call since the previous school year, but in this 2014-2015 school year, it seems as though the school has regressed in the exploration of our new tool. Because of this, our minds have been exposed to the downsides of possessing iPads.

    iPads cause issues with our eyes.

    On average, students spend about six hours gazing into the glare of an iPad. As a result, our eyes tear up or become excessively dry. Along with this, our vision becomes strained causing headaches that interrupt our learning experience.

    Remembering is difficult.

    There is something about gripping a pencil and writing out words that makes a connection not only from the pencil to the paper, but from the paper to the mind. With textbooks on the iPad, no longer do we write out notes by hand. We simply study the pre-made highlights vocabulary cards. Missing this vital step of physical contact with pen and paper is a detriment to the student body when it comes to taking tests and quizzes.

    Blocked Websites outside of the school.

    Recently, while attempting to begin research for a US History project, I discovered that somehow, the school has managed to block useful websites like YouTube outside of the restrictions of campus Wi-Fi. Safari is a truly incredible feature of the iPad because no matter the location, as long as there is Wi-Fi, we can work right then and there on projects or homework help. But when websites that are meant to further our education are blocked, the value of our iPads quickly dwindle, and find ourselves having to wait until we reach home to use personal computers much like the times before iPads.

    At this point, the fact that Collegedale Academy uses iPads on the regular is not so much a benefit as it is a mere decoration to the school’s résumé. From the bottom of my soul, I so hope we end the school year with a significantly improved impression of our iPads than what we’ve received beginning this school year.

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