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CA Returns to Honduras for Mission Trip

On Sunday, March 3, Collegedale Academy returned to Bonacca, Honduras, for their third mission trip on this small island. Last year they had helped rebuild the Adventist K-12 school, which they were also doing this year. The small Honduran Adventist school had burnt down in 2021, which is why CA went back for the third time to help the slow but steady construction process. Students enjoyed helping the children and hosting a small VBS with the Adventist Bonacca Church.

The Bonacca Seventh-day Adventist School is Collegedale Academy’s sister school. One of the opportunities both of the schools receive is that CA’s students are able to exchange pen pals and go on mission trips to help the students there. Students in the elementary school can develop relationships with Honduran students, so that when they are in high school they have the opportunity to meet their friends on mission trips.

During the day students would rip off the old walls and help pour concrete for new ones. They mainly worked on construction all week, and didn’t get to paint. Most of the week they spent their time chipping away at the old walls so they could fill them up with concrete. On the last day, which was Monday, they poured concrete on the second floor so they could have a balcony.

During their stay on their island, the Guanaja community all enjoyed CA being on their island. Students got to learn about how they lived there, and their unique culture. Students were able to meet lots of the children and their families there. Senior Andrew Sinha states, “It was very nice hanging out with all the children this year, we got to meet a lot more this year than last year.” Local church members supported students by cooking them meals.

During their ten-day stay, they got to host a short VBS for the children in Guanaja. Mrs. Alvarez and Mrs. Renslow organized the VBS. God blessed their efforts, and the VBS was a success! The gym halls were filled with laughter from the games and activities the kids had participated in. Every night students did skits for the children based on Bible heroes such as Noah, Moses, and about how God can work in small ways in your everyday life. Mrs. Alvarez goes on to say, “CA students each did their own worship thoughts that were all very unique and different. Overall, the VBS was a success!”

Two of our students from CA, junior William Shrode and senior Isaiah Isley were baptized in Honduras. Praise God for moving in two of our newly baptized students!

To hit off their trip, the students got to enjoy an excursion day. They got to stay in a nice part of an island for one afternoon, one night, and one morning. The students called it a two day excursion. They got to enjoy their days by playing beach volleyball, lay in hammocks, buy food or drinks, and sleep on the beach all day.

All in all the trip was a huge blessing for both groups of people. The students left with lots of memories and new friendships. Leaving Honduras, the students left feeling accomplished and contempt with their trip.

Senior Emily Moffit helps with VBS.

The CA crew hard at work.

Senior Becky Ziesmer helps with VBS.

The construction crew works on concrete.

The whole CA crew at the airport.

Senior Isaiah Isley and Junior Will Shrode, who were baptized in Guanaja, with the director of the school.

Isaiah Isley is baptized by the pastor of Guanaja Church.

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