Senior Survival: a revelation of the Holy Spirit


Isabelle Kaneza, editor

As a senior with a schedule crowded with college prep, dual enrollment, and extracurriculars, Senior Survival was a sanctuary.

The heaven-sent opportunity to unplug for a week was a much-needed cleanse.

However, at its core, Senior Survival wasn’t about cleansing myself from social media, being one with nature, or even learning survival skills. Senior Survival was about experiencing the Holy Spirit’s presence unify my class for five days.

I felt the Holy Spirit most on Friday night. The kitchen staff presented us with an agape feast, and we seniors leveled ourselves to serve one another in humility.

Following the feast, Pastor James challenged us to make amends with our classmates and tell them that they are loved.

Initially, I thought that by making amends we were opening up ourselves to each other. In reality, we were opening up ourselves to the Holy Spirit—allowing Him to break us and build among us a spirit of peace and genuine love.

Whether we were around the fire, under the shelter of the tarp, or beneath the drenching rain, from that point on, my senior class shared a bond.

I don’t think we can ever replicate those moments, but the memories will forever stand as reminders of the realness of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

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