Little Happy Life: Drink More Tea


Isabelle Kaneza

For those of you looking to slightly alter your lifestyle in a positive way, here is a weekly series meant to do just that. These are small things anyone can do that can possibly make life more enjoyable without having to go to extremes. Of course, they won’t meet everyone’s needs, but it’s totally worth a shot.

Drink More Tea

By: Isabelle Kaneza

My family has always been avid tea sippers, but it’s only recently that I’ve truly experienced the relaxation that a cup of tea can bring.

With so many options, tea offers something to fit every personality. I believe this is what makes tea so alluring. You can make it your own by mixing herbs, choosing milk, honey, or sugar, even the cup you’ll drink in can be tailored to who you are. And for all those who feel as if your life is quickly spiraling out of order, here is an opportunity to have control. I’ll admit, it’s not much control, but it’s control nonetheless.

Health-wise, tea provides antioxidants that can boost your immune system and memory, help prevent cancer, and keep you hydrated. Overall, when taken with a purpose, a cup of tea holds the capacity to elicit relaxation and tranquility.