Africa: The Greatest Continent On Earth


“Only God” in Twi, the native Ghanaian language

Isabelle Kaneza

By: Isabelle Kaneza

Let’s be honest. Africa’s got a bad rep.
Your parents knew it when you were little kids; who did they point to as exhibit A of miserable starving people who would really appreciate those veggies you avoided? The African children.
The media knows Africa has problems; tyrannical dictators, deadly disease, and poverty are constants on the news. But behind all the problems Africa faces daily lies a dynamic continent with a vibrancy unparalled. In fact, one could contend that Africa is the greatest continent ever, and here are 10 reasons why.

It’s incredibly diverse.
The continent is made up of 54 countries, over 3,000 ethnic groups, and 2,000 different languages.
It abounds with opportunities for adventure.
A couple of highlights include trekking to the top of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro and bungee jumping the 364 feet over Victoria Falls.
Africans know luxury.
For just $12,000, you can spend the night at the Riad suite in Morrocco’s Hotel La Mamounia. There, you can enjoy some of the world’s choicest restaurants featuring French or Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, unwind in a tranquil Moroccan and Eastern fusion spa, and take in views that feature clear, turquoise blue water and beautiful palm trees.
Speaking of palm trees,
forget Jamaica for your next island adventure. Seychelles, a small group of islands located off the eastern coast of Africa, boasts some of the world’s most picturesque, yet private, beaches. Do your eyes a favor and look up Anse Source d’Argent in Google images.
The continent is teeming with natural resources.
Africa boasts a wealth of oil, diamonds, silver, and ivory, cocoa bean trees, shea trees, and so much more.
And wildlife.
Only in Africa can you casually drive by elephants and giraffes roaming the savannah and not feel obligated to call animal control.
Some of the world’s greatest feats of architecture are held there.
The infamous Pyramids of Giza are located here, but let’s not overlook the Great Mosque of Djenne or the Temple of Amur, both incredible sights to witness.

Many of its civilizations contributed to education and technology.
Egypt housed the largest library in the world in 283 BC, the Library of Alexandria. Africans also were the first in the advancement of metallurgy and tools such as chisels and saws.

So many genres are influenced by African music.
The alluring polyrhythms found in jazz and bluegrass can be traced back to Africa. Even the “All-American” banjo has roots in Senegal from a similar instrument called the akonting.
Its people.
You’ve got Arabs up north, Indians down south, and natives throughout, an incredible melting pot of cultures. Each soul harbors a story of tragedy and appreciation, but each one uniquely crafted and perfectly placed in Africa, the land they call home.