Not Your Average Princess

Not Your Average Princess

Isabelle Kaneza

By: Isabelle Kaneza

The Disney princess movies we typically know of are composed of a heroine, a love interest, and a role model figure, all aimed towards the youth of today. But what about those females who are a bit out there in their accomplishments? The psychos, heroes, and weirdos all deserve their fifteen minutes of fame. This unusual thought process is exactly what encouraged Jason Porath, former DreamWorks animator, to begin his site, “Rejected Princesses.”

On this site, he posts illustrations of unorthodox princesses ranging from serial killers to Soviet fighters, all women from history, mythology, and literature. His Tumblr bio clearly states, “Women too awesome, awful, or offbeat for kids’ movies.”

We wonder if he’ll ever run out of ideas, but Porath says 600 more princesses are ready to be unveiled to the public. His strong fan base on Tumblr and Facebook fuel his growing repertoire of rejected princesses. For an in depth exploration of Porath’s work, go to