Collegedale Academy hosts STEAM Expo


Photo by Anton Mislawsky via Pexels

Sarah Andrews, Editor-in-Chief


On March 28, 2023, Collegedale Academy hosted a successful event known as the CA STEAM Expo. STEAM is an acronym standing for science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. The night was split up into two events: a presentation given by NASA scientist Joby Minor and an expo afterward displaying student STEAM programs in motion at Collegedale Academy, from the youngest 3 & 4-year-olds in our Early Childhood Education program to our nearly graduating seniors.

The night began in the high school auditorium as keynote speaker Joby Minor shared incredible information about the future of space exploration and advances in science with the attending parents, students and community members. Minor is well known for his work on the International Space Station, and his work continues with the Artemis project. Minor stated that the next goal for the scientific community is a long term lunar exploration and, eventually, the human exploration of Mars.

After his speech, the attendees were invited into the gymnasium for the STEAM Expo. Students from EC- grade 12 displayed projects and creations from various STEAM-related classes, giving family and friends an insight into the intelligent and creative minds of our students. Elementary and middle school students had displays including toy design, robotics, and blacklight paintings. The seventh graders had an exhibit for their scale project in math class, with recreations of various items such as Rubik’s cubes, video-game controllers, and even a scaled-down version of Mrs. Trott’s 7th-grade math classroom. CA high school had a variety of STEAM projects, such as the birthday polynomial project from Algebra II students and marble run tracks made out of index cards and tape by the Physics class. . n previous years, CA’s Math & Science night, as it was called then, did not include art, technology and engineering In addition to CA’s science and math initiatives, this year’s event included dressers made in Woodshop class, light bulb-themed sculptures from the seniors Bible class , and interactive elements such as spin painting by CA’s National Honor Art Society members. A highlight of the night was the infinity room designed by middle and high school art teacher Mrs. Stone, which was a small room filled with mirrors, inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s infinity room.

Southern Adventist University staff also joined the evening and shared emerging technology with students, such as a life-size, jumping robotic dog.

“STEAM Night was successful, with a packed gym and many informed minds. It really goes to show the talent, brilliance, and creativity that CA students at all ages have. Supporting new STEAM programs, and continuing to show up for events like this one are all ways the community can help these young minds continue to thrive,” shares CA’s Director of Innovation, Nicki Johnson.

Plans are already underway for next year’s STEAM Expo in hopes to show the many ways that science, technology, engineering, arts and math is an essential part of students’ education and subsequent futures.