Leadership Conference 2014 Review

Isabelle Kaneza and Sophia Carey

By: Isabelle Kaneza & Sophia Carey

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Isabelle Kaneza:

On Wednesday, September 17, thirty Collegedale Academy students drove down to High Springs, Florida for the 2014 Leadership Conference. Gathering there were more high schoolers with the same goal in mind: to develop leadership skills.

The hot and muggy Florida weather did nothing to dampen spirits. Each free period had kids horseback riding, go carting, canoeing, hammocking. Each meeting session brought new musings and inspiration to bring back to the various schools. New relationships were in full bloom and old ones rekindled.

The best part of the conference, however, came unexpectedly. Before the message was delivered every morning and evening, the congregation had the opportunity sing. In that case, it wasn’t just singing, we were lifting up our voices in harmony towards the skies pleading to be heard by God. With eyes shut and ears open, you could feel the Holy Spirit surrounding the building, and for fifteen minutes, it actually felt like heaven. No one was ashamed to be doing what they were doing, and spiritually, we were humbled and brought to their knees in worship. It was exactly what we as leaders needed.

Sophia Carey:

Leadership conference was a great way to discover more about oneself as well as others. Everyone found people similar to themselves and also people very different. Through a simple personality test, we could find the major parts of our personalities and ways of thinking. After multiple activities, it became evident that all types of personalities and leadership styles are necessary to lead our schools smoothly. Everyone is needed and can contribute something important.

Gathering into small groups with others in similar positions and responsibilities helped student leaders realize they are not alone in their issues and hardships, but have much in common with their peers from other schools. It was moving to see those who had never met before support and lift each other up.

As young people reached out to each other, the adults running the conference were always there to answer questions and provide inspiration. Most had once been in the same positions as the students and were overflowing with passion.

The best part of Leadership Conference was realizing that nothing we do as student leaders is in vain. If we follow Christ the way He plans, we are leaders—and leading children of God while following our creator is never a lost cause.