Reasons to Delete Facebook

Reasons to Delete Facebook

Isabelle Kaneza

By: Isabelle Kaneza

1. It’s statistically proven to make you depressed

That’s actually a no brainer. All your photos and posts are meant to make you look perfect-actually perfect.

2. Your grades suffer

More time on Facebook, less time doing homework…do the math.

3. You lose touch with your social skills

…and basically gain socially awkward potato status, ’cause the only thing your know how to do is troll.

4. You can finally get away from bored trolls.  

Self explanatory.

5. Your future boss might read past posts

Or find that photo of you holding a suspicious piece of paper in your palm.

6 .Stranger Danger

You won’t be tempted to add that hot guy (or girl) you have zero mutual friends with.


Liberation from #1 most ridiculously annoying Facebook feature.

8. You get an organic birthday.

Now you can find out who your real friends are, but you’ll most likely be disappointed, oops.

9. One less way to contact your parents.

Not exactly a good thing, but that’s one less tagged pre-puberty photo you could do without.

10. Nature

It’s there and it’s waiting. And it’s actually pretty cool if you can get past those creepy bugs. Go outside.