Shawnessey Cargile speaks to CA students about epilepsy


Isabelle Kaneza, editor

Shawnessey Cargile, associate pastor at The Well church, presented a chapel talk Friday, October 30, on the topic of epilepsy.

On behalf of the Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee, Cargile travels to businesses and schools in the Chattanooga area making people aware of the prevalence of epilepsy.

“One in one hundred people in Tennessee have epilepsy,” Cargile said. “Many victims refuse to speak out about the issue probably because they are embarrassed of it. My hope is that by knowing these statistics, victims will understand that they are not strange or alone.”

The month of November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month (NEAM). In honor of this occasion, Collegedale Academy will be donating profits made from Friday’s pizza lunches to the Epilepsy Foundation.

For more information on the Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee and its upcoming events visit: