CA Shakes It Up


Photo by A Koolshooter via pexels

Sophia White, Staff Writer

CA students have all been affected by the rising cost of lunches. In January, the price of a hot lunch rose from $5 to $6. While necessary, this move was met with resistance from the student body. However, CA has developed a solution to combat this rising cost. The CA Lunch program recently announced that next year they will begin offering liquid lunches, effectively reducing the price of a hot lunch from $6 to $3 dollars. Liquid lunches will replace all hot lunches starting next year. For the uninitiated, a liquid lunch consists of the traditional hot lunch foods and flavors, just blended in a state of the art juicer machine with water and protein powder.  The flavors include staple hot lunch favorites like haystacks and pasta and even pizza. Each drink will be customizable, and students can even blend the lunches themselves. At the start of next year each student will be provided with a special CA branded blending bottle, monogrammed with the student’s name. If lost, a replacement cup will cost $35 dollars. However, the fines should be less of a concern for students since they will save so much money with the new lunch program.