Top 10 Things Couples Should Do On Valentine’s Day


Image via Pexels by Alex Green

Hannah Boyd, Staff Writer

10. Annoy everyone around you by making goo goo eyes at your significant other.
9. Make your friends want to hurl by using terms of endearment with your significant other.
8. Obnoxiously yell across the cafeteria how much you miss your significant other. Even thought they just went to grab their lunch.
7. Constantly play “your song” throughout the hallways between classes.
6. Feed each other candy hearts in the middle of class.
5. Have Mrs. Roth announce the cutest boy/girl in school (news flash: it’s your significant other)
4. Give the loser sign to all the single people.
3. Carpet the halls with rose petals as your significant other walks to class.
2. Pass out crystal grape juice glasses around the school and toast your significant other’s beauty with Martinelli’s.
1. Audition for the next Hallmark movie together as the lead roles.