Olympic Sports: New and Improved


Photo by Anthony via Pexels

Cheyenne Roth, Editor-in-Chief

In preparation for the upcoming summer olympics, representatives from around the globe have advocated for new sports to be added to the official olympic repertoire. Many new athletes wait excitedly for their sport to be approved. The new sports include professional tree climbing, water bottle flipping, inner tube relay, and competitive binge watching. Athletes undergo rigorous training to get ready for these daring and difficult tasks. 

Professional tree climbing has been a highly demanded sport for years and finally climber’s prayers have been answered. Rock climbers are swiftly switching tactics to have a shot for gold in 2024. Each tree will be hand carved by experts using only the best oak around to enhance difficulty while climbing. Only the most trained climbers will be able to have the chance to take the podium. 

Water bottle flipping became a number one trending sport in 2017. The Olympic committee soon had plans to induct this high intensity sport into the 2024 Olympics. Top bottle flippers from around the world try to find their perfect water level to compete in this event. 

Tube relay races have been a part of many fun activities and now are making a splash in the next summer olympics. As a staple of summer fun, many mediocre athletes invest time and money into perfecting their teams and techniques to level up in hopes for the podium and fame. 

As quarantine swept the globe, streaming services became a prominent form of entertainment. Now this quarantine pastime has been granted its promotion into the Olympics. The sport will simply consist of the longest shows and the last man watching will be victorious. Athletes are training to keep their eyes open and invested in the top show hits of the year. 

More exciting sports are being considered for future Olympic meets. Stay tuned!