CA to Offer New Clubs and Courses for 2022-23


Spring is the time of year where change is inevitable. Flowers are blossoming, the temperature is rising, and seniors are graduating. Something very special is happening at Collegedale Academy. The teachers and administrators have agreed to add new and improved after school programs and clubs that will bring out the creative and inventive side of all the students. 

The Barber Shop Club, held after school every day of the week for four straight hours, will provide students with the opportunity to spark their inner cosmetologist and really show off their skills by shearing the hair off of their peers. Each student will be given a pair of scissors, a brush, a blowdryer, a razor, and for an extra fee, a spinny chair. Students are encouraged to practice the skills they have learned at home, preferably on a family member. The SA have considered having a shaving competition, calling up members of the Barber Shop Club on stage to give their peers a haircut they will never forget. 

For students that plan to go into landscaping and such, the Lawn Growing Club is the place they need to be. This class will meet only on Mondays at five in the morning. Students that participate in this club are expected to bring their own grass seeds to grow their own little patch of land. Each plot will measure at about two feet by two feet, sitting right outside Mr. Sinigaglio’s classroom window. Students must also provide their own watering cans and notebooks to take notes on how much their patch of grass has grown in the span of one week.

Additionally, students have the option to add a new practical arts course with the toothpick whittling class. While this may seem like an easy credit, handcrafting toothpicks is a fine and delicate art, which takes an entire semester to fully master. Students will be expected to have created ten perfect toothpicks to pass the class. These new courses and clubs will be made available starting in the 2022-2023 school year. Demand is expected to be high for these courses, so register soon!