CA Changes Mascot


Macy Seebeck, Staff Writer

All of Collegedale Academy’s students are intimately familiar with our beloved mascot, the Collegedale Academy Eagle. Those in our student body who participate in our wide variety of sports and gym classes see motifs of this fine feathered fellow every day in the gym. The Eagle is displayed on many of the spirit wear items, as well as many classrooms across the school. Though the Eagles have remained our school mascot for an ever so long time, it has been decided to rebrand. Though we are sad to see our fowl friend leave us, we are pleased to announce that we will be making the switch to be the Collegedale Academy Muskrats! That’s right, Collegedale Academy has made an executive decision to now be known as the Muskrats. These charming semi-aquatic rodents are small to medium in size, but big in spirit! Though they might appear to be related to beavers, muskrats are known to be more destructive and aggressive than their flat-tailed counterparts. Muskrat’s nests are also used by other animals as a resting spot or nests, adding to their big personalities. With all of these traits in mind, it was a clear decision that a muskrat would be the perfect representative for our small but bodacious school. So, the next time you go and support our sports teams, make sure to wear the new Collegedale Muskrat spirit wear.