Bikes to be Required for Lowerclassmen


April Füls


CA students, especially upperclassmen, have recently petitioned administration to address the issue of overcrowded parking. By 10am, the CA parking lot is full, and seniors who have morning study halls often cannot find a parking space, resulting in an uptick in tardies. Due to the growing number of complaints, tardies, and rising gas prices, CA administration announced that lowerclassmen will now be required to trade their cars in for bikes, freeing up parking spaces for upperclassmen.

 “We had a lot of complaints on multiple fronts with this issue, so we see this not only as a way to solve the parking problem, but it also reduces gas costs for students, and improves their fitness performance levels in PE class,” said Mr. Baldwin. 

Freshmen and sophomores will each be provided with a complimentary CA helmet, an assigned bike rack spot and lock, and 20% off coupon to the bike store of their choice. Bike racks will be installed over the summer, and helmets and coupons distributed at registration.