Throwback Thursday: 15 Things only 2000’s kids will Remember


Photo Credit: Nintendo

Echolier Staff

Covid, the election, climate change…Does the madness of this world have you wishing for the simple times of childhood? Take a walk down memory lane with the Echolier staff. 

You might be a 2000’s kid if…

  1. You spent hours designing your Mii or playing games trying to hustle tokens for your Webkinz new room. 
  2. No birthday party was complete without ZooPals plates. It’s just more fun to eat gushers and doritos off a giraffe’s face. 
  3. You definitely tried to gross out your friends by “stabbing” a pencil through your arm or hooking a safety pin through the skin on your thumb. 
  4. You had so many silly bands on your wrist you probably cut off your circulation a few times. 
  5. The best part of a Saturday night sleepover was going to Blockbuster to pick out a movie. While everyone got snacks, you waited intently to see if the DVD logo on the TV screen saver  would land squarely in the corner: it never did. 
  6. You eagerly waited to pick up your VBS foam crafts, only to be extremely disappointed when the results were somehow not nearly as magnificent as you’d thought three hours earlier. 
  7. Your school supply stash was not complete without scented mini-erasers, Lisa Frank binders, and paper fortune tellers. And if you were really edgy, Ed Hardy brand backpack and folders. 
  8. The most coveted books in your school library were the Guinness Book of World Records and the Eye Spy series. 
  9. You hated Type-to-Learn with the passion of a thousand suns. 
  10. The Scholastic Book Fair was the highlight of your month. 
  11. You bruised your shins playing bumper cars on gym scooters. 
  12. Your jelly shoes and/or light up tennis shoes were your pride and joy.
  13. You tried to prank a friend by filling an empty Capri Sun pouch up with air and pretending it was full. 
  14. You knew all the theme songs to Martha Speaks, Clifford the Big Red Dog, the Magic School Bus, and Sesame Street. 
  15. You loved your Polly Pockets, but always lost their shoes. Or, you spent hours arranging Hot Wheels tracks for the best runs ever.