Class Basketball Games 2021

Kristina Thompson, Writer

On Saturday night, Feb. 20, class basketball games took place as one of the most anticipated SA events of the 20’21 school year, especially in the midst of Covid-19 restrictions. Safe pandemic behavior was encouraged through temperature checks and socially distanced games, separated between the elementary and high school gym. Games were also streamed live so students and families could cheer the players on from afar.

Boy’s games started at 7:00; with Seniors vs. Freshman and Juniors vs. Sophomores. In the high school gym, Senior boys went head to head against the Freshman boys team. Seniors emerged victorious with an amiable 40-32 end score. Juniors and Sophomores played in the elementary gym with a win for the juniors 38-25 — placing the Juniors and Seniors against each other for the boy’s championship.

Girl’s games started promptly at 8:00 with Juniors vs. Freshman in the elementary gym and Seniors vs Sophomores in the high school gym. Jada Mclean shined in the gym spotlight, making a total of 16 points for the Junior team, propelling them into victory against the Freshman girls. The game ended with a score of 21-18. At the high school, both the Senior and Sophomore teams worked smoothly with each other resulting in a final score of 48-19.

The final championship games took place at 9. Junior and Senior girls played in the elementary gym and Junior and Senior boys played against each other in the high school gym. Hopes were high between Senior and Junior spectators, as the ultimate victor would receive points towards a skip day. Class rivalry heightened as the thrill of the game quickly took over. All eyes were glued to the players as the timer clicked down to the championship game’s final seconds. At the end of a long and satisfying night, both the boy’s and girl’s Junior teams emerged victorious, proving their athletic prowess to the school. Junior boys won Seniors with a score of 42-41. Junior girls won 36-21.