Infinite: AcroForce Home Show 2023

The Collegedale Academy gym was completely transformed on Saturday, April 29 for the CA Acroforce home show, or the end of the year performance where individuals get to perform routines, costumes and decorations appear all over the gym, and friends and family show up to see what the team has been working on all year. Acroforce’s theme this year was “Infinite,” and followed the team through space to retrieve routine plans from an evil alien who stole them. The gym was decorated with lights, a rocket ship, and three giant planets donated by various sponsors. 

A rocket launch sequence where girls went flying through the air started off the night. The team landed on a water planet where several routines including girl’s routine, silks, girl’s pairs, and aerial hoop also known as lyra performed. Next, the team continued onto a jungle planet full of fun routines such as guy’s routine, tumbling, contortion, pairs, and the return of teeter board to CA. There was music, props, and special effects to go along with all of these routines, making for a captivating show. The final stop for CA Acroforce was a fire planet, where the Star Wars routine, mini tramp, diablo, and elevator routine wowed the audience. At the end of the elevator routine, Acroforce finally trapped the alien, who revealed that he was simply frustrated at the team for claiming that they have an infinite God when He has never been there for him. However, the team invited the alien back to earth to watch two final routines to change his mind. 

First, Acroforce performed the routine that they performed at Acrofest, for halftime at sports games, and on tour. Immediately after was the spiritual routine, where the team reenacts both biblical and current stories, showcasing how God has always been there and will reign victorious in the end. 

Lots of work went into this production, such as countless hours from volunteers to set up lights, props, and special effects, help from current and former gymmasters to solidify routines, and planning and organizing from the amazing coaches. On top of that, the team worked very hard with daily practice and an abundance of extra practices. All of this work paid off, and home show was a successful display of talent, athletic ability, and most importantly- how our God is infinite. 


All Photos by Jonathan Merrills