Acroforce Tour 2023


Sarah Andrews, Editor-in-Chief

The 2022-23 Collegedale Academy gymnastics team Acroforce recently returned from their yearly tour, once again visiting Orlando, Florida to showcase their athleticism and spread God’s love. They started off the trip Friday after school, by performing at Collegedale Academy Elementary, hopefully inspiring future Acroforce members. Directly after their show at the elementary school gym, they loaded a bus and drove to the Forest Lake Academy dorms, where they stayed during their visit. 

Saturday morning, Acroforce attended the Spring Meadows Church. Junior Aliya Trott gave an entertaining children’s story, followed by a special music with junior Ryan Williamson. After enjoying a sermon and potluck provided by the Spring Meadows Church, Acroforce set up to give demonstrations and teach honors to the local Adventurer and Pathfinder club. That evening, the community gathered for an Acroforce show including pairs stunting, diablo, mini-tramp, the halftime routine, and most impactful the spiritual “human video skit.” To celebrate a successful day of fun, new friends, and flying, the team enjoyed Italian ice at a local shop. 

Sunday Acroforce enjoyed popular spots in Florida, such as the Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach, and Disney Springs. Students got to swim in the ocean, experience a rocket launch simulator, and shop and eat at Disney Springs. Universal Studios was also a fun destination the team visited, waking up early on Monday to ensure they could ride as many roller coasters as possible. Freshman Aspen Chambers mentioned that being able to walk around Universal and other tourist locations with a group was her favorite part because it helped her to grow closer to those people. In addition to this fun, several birthdays occurred during the week: sophomore Luke Plahtinsky, senior Betsy Guerra, and freshman Ben Zepeda. Acroforce was sure to embarrass them by singing “happy birthday” over and over throughout the day.

After days of sun and fun, the team prepared for the third and final show of the tour, located at Forest Lake Education Center, or FLEC. Unfortunately, the team dealt with several obstacles before the performance. Junior Will Bell and senior Lexi Kaufman woke up sick and could not perform, and with no time to fill them in, certain parts of the routine had to be rearranged or removed. Then during warmups, freshman Lily Clark broke her ankle in a basket toss. With several injuries and illnesses, Acroforce had to adapt quickly for their eager audience. Freshman Ben Zepeda quickly learned Will Bell’s pairs routine and filled in, and the team demonstrated parts of their routine, still giving FLEC an entertaining experience. Cortney Lowman wowed on the silks, and the entire gym full of students sang along to the song “Golden Hour” by JVKE. 

Despite troubles thrown their way, Acroforce rolled with the punches and delivered great performances during their time in Florida, all the while having fun and making memories. As Acroforce ends their touring season, their focus now shifts to the biggest event of the year: homeshow. Though there is hard work ahead, a trip to Florida is just what the team needed to grow closer together and perfect their gymnastics skills.