Opus Takes the Midwest, 2022


Sarah Hunt

Mr. Galera directs Opus in concert at the Battle Creek Tabernacle

While most of the touring groups at Collegedale Academy have been visiting Florida, Opus recently arrived back from their Midwest tour. The choir visited cities in Illinois and Michigan to sing and spread God’s message to churches and schools in the area. The cold trip was one of hard work, sightseeing, and nostalgia for many of the sponsors.

First, Opus arrived in Hinsdale, Illinois– Mr. Galera’s hometown. Dinner was provided by the Galeras and the choir got to enjoy some Filipino cuisine. The following day, they performed at Mr. Galera’s old school, Hinsdale Academy. The plan was to sightsee Chicago the rest of the day, however those plans were adjusted when the brakes on the bus went out. The choir walked to the train station, where they sang “The Battle of Jericho” for the attendant. Meanwhile, senior Ben Wright stayed behind to help work on the bus. The rest of the Opus walked around Chicago and enjoyed seeing The Bean at Millenium Park, a boat tour of the city, and getting a 360 view of the city at the Tilt. “Getting to walk around Chicago was definitely my favorite part of the tour,” said junior Sansan Huai.

Opus then traveled up to Michigan and spent a day on Andrews University’s campus. After performing for Andrews Academy, the choir had the opportunity to workshop with Professor Zork from Andrews Academy. That night, Opus sang a full 80 minute concert at the Howard Performing Arts Center. This performance included Dan Forrest’s five movement piece Requiem for the Living. Bus driver Mr. S told the choir how much that performance moved him later that night.

Sabbath morning, CA students sang at a tiny church in Glenwood, Michigan. This is tour coordinator Melissa Williamson’s childhood church. Following the sabbath performance, half the choir went to the Adventist Village to learn more about our religious heritage, while the others took a nap to prepare for more performances. The trip was concluded by a final concert at the Battle Creek Tabernacle. CA junior Courtney Williams tuned in from Tennessee on the livestream, and said, “I really enjoyed watching everyone sing and give it their all.”

Overall, the trip was a great opportunity to be a witness for God  and experience new things.