Humanity’s Mask: a poem


How badly I would like to stand here today

And spit lines of truth at you

But you see it just does not work that way

All too often we get caught up in these little details

These little details that do not even matter

Like he did this and she said that but how did they feel

You see humanity’s best accessory is our mask: the mask we wear everyday

The mask that prevents us from saying what we are really trying to say

How was your day? Good.

How are you doing? I’m fine.

See my daddy told me growing up that fine is just an acronym: Feelings In Need of Expression

Cut all the lies

It’s okay to not be okay

It’s okay not to have a good day

So here’s some truth I’d like to spit at you

Nobody has it all together

That kid you see laughing in the hallway is hurting

The girl with the grades, the guy, and the good looks has bad days too

So here is the truth . . . the real truth

All the hurt we see in the world today

Has all been spread by hate in some way

And the only way to make a difference is to spread love and acceptance to all people

Spread love to all people, not just the ones you find easy to love.

The ones who make you laugh, make you smile, and make your day just that a little bit brighter

No! No! No! You see the cycle will never stop if we act that way.

We can’t just love the ones we already love we have to love the ones we hate

The ones that hurt you, hate you, and make your day just that little bit darker

Cause I promise you they’re hurting too.

So tell me, what will you say today?

When someone asks you: If you’re okay?