CA Premieres “The Great Controversy” Musical

Sarah Andrews, Editor-in-Chief

It has been two years since Collegedale Academy has put on a musical production, and with the lead of choir and orchestra director Mr. Lawrence Galera, The Great Controversy was performed by students last December. Inspired by the writings of Ellen G. White, this play tells the story of Lucifer’s origins as Satan and his disruption among angels and the first humans. In an entertaining show, Opus displayed the struggle between good and evil forces and how ultimately God is more powerful than sin. 

Opus has been preparing for this play since the end of last school year, learning parts and practicing solos. In addition to learning the music, choreography, costumes, and extra rehearsals were required to bring this production to life. Orchestra and band members also pitched in, along with stage crews and an AV team who made the whole thing possible. Then, on December 12 and 14, months of hard work came into fruition the night of the play. “I had a fun time, and it allowed me to grow closer to everyone [in Opus],” said George Shrode who played Lucifer. 

The show was quite impressive from a spectator’s point of view, with talented singers, light and fog elements, and a great display of CA’s artistic abilities. This show was not just for fun however, it was performed in the hopes of witnessing. Shrode recalls one girl who came up to him after the show and mentioned that it was very entertaining and informational to watch. In addition to spreading the story of good and evil, this play served as a fundraiser for the Opus Europe tour this spring. 

All in all, Opus and all of the other groups that helped make this production possible did an amazing job at giving the community a glimpse at CA’s talent and an entertaining version of The Great Controversy.


Cast Members:

George Shrode- Lucifer

Josh Riano- God

Ryan Williamson- Micheal/Jesus

Cyrus Cho- Adam

Abigail Valenzuela- Eve

Emma Goddard- Gabriel

Erica Melendez- Mary 

Reese Dingman- Celeste

Amara Wessels- Seraphina

Mckenna Gibbs- Soleil

Aliya Trott- Lyra

Chelsea Young- Neveah

Bradley Peterson- Darius

Alayna Lewis- Helena