CA Percussion Ensemble Gives First Performance


The Percussion Ensemble Performs for Chapel

Anastasia Schober, Writer

On April 11, the CA Percussion Ensemble, directed by Joshua Volberg, gave their first chapel concert. The ensemble includes Junior Andrew Sinha, Sophomore Ivan Brill, Sophomore Ashton Skilton, Freshman Anastasia Schober. Freshman Eden Knapp, Freshman Isabella Anderson, Sophomore Austin Beldin, and Sophomore Jan Piayas.  Conductor Josh Volberg is a CA graduate (Class of 2017) and was a student and protégé
of concert band director Greg Lindquist.

The percussion ensemble was started to improve the skills of the percussionists. Freshman Isabella Anderson says; “Percussion is loads of fun, but it’s very nerve-wracking sometimes. I love the practices and my favorite part is the mallets. It’s very easy to learn the mallets if you play piano. The people in percussion are very nice, and we always have a bunch of fun. We all grew closer together throughout the whole year. Lastly, Mr. Volberg is so funny and is a very fun teacher. Also, he is crazy good at percussion, he’s the best percussion teacher.”

After practicing every Friday for the last year, they were ready for their premiere performance which included Begin Transmission composed by John Herndon, Baby Elephant Walk composed by Heri Mancini, Mission Impossible composed by, and Sccuttlebut composed by Jim Casella. On the last song, the audience was encouraged to participate, and the whole chapel started clapping and cheering, much to the delight of the ensemble. Overall, the performance was a success, and students were excited to get to share their talents and hard work with the student body.