CA’s Return to the Theatre


Image via Pexels by Rouca Souza

Anaya Parker, Writer

Many people have missed the musicals that CA used to put on. Students have wondered when there will be another play. Well, I have good news! This year, I have started a  small drama club at CA 

We hope to do small skits for chapel and practice improv, character development, script writing, and pantomiming. Acting requires many different skills–, and it’s more than just public speaking. It’s about taking command of the stage and immersing the audience  into a story. We want the drama club to have something for everyone to enjoy.

Acting teaches many life skills and it is always a good thing to practice and learn. If you struggle with speaking up front, acting is a great way to hone this skill. Everyone hates presentations because they’re  so nerve racking, but  acting and improv skills can increase your confidence and help you to speak clearly. You will learn lots of tips and tricks to make any speech sound good. 

I decided to start a drama club because drama has always been important to me. I’ve loved it ever since childhood. In middle school I really enjoyed performing in our Christmas plays. I wrote one of my own plays and ended up producing it  the following year. My freshman year, I took a drama class. Sophomore year, when I came to CA I expected there would be a musical, but I found that there hadn’t been one for a couple of years. Late last year my friend Thomas Turk and I thought about starting up a drama club to fill the void,. This year, we made that idea a reality, and I’m so excited for our  CA drama club! 

The plan for this drama club is simple: have fun while acting.“None of us are teachers, we just want to have fun!” Says co-founder Thomas .  In short, we plan to revive CA’s  dramatic shows while learning together in a fun and interactive way!

If you are interested in joining the drama club you can email me at [email protected]. We meet on Thursdays after school for an hour in the Chapel. I would love to see you there!