The Wordle Craze Sweeps CA

        A new game is all the craze at Collegedale Academy, with teachers and students alike tuning in each day to play. This game isn’t a video game or an app, but an online word guessing game called Wordle.The game is played by guessing any five letter word in the Wordle database in hopes of getting the “word of the day”.

The prototype for Wordle was originally created by Josh Wardle for his word-game loving girlfriend. Soon, Wardle expanded and created a website for Wordle, where players had one chance a day to guess the word. Soon, the New York Times bought Wordle, and now you can access the fun through them.

       Players get six tries to guess the word, and hints are given to help you get there. If one of the letters you used is in the word but incorrectly placed, the icon turns yellow. However, if you correctly guessed both a letter and its placement, the icon turns green. This helps players narrow down the word and use their thinking skills to discover the Wordle.

      At Collegedale Academy, students can be seen playing Wordle on their iPads every day. English teacher Mrs. Renslow even offers extra credit for her class to students who attempt and screenshot their Wordle for 5 days.

      Part of the fun of Wordle is trying to get the word in as few tries as possible. One of the most impressive plays according to Mrs. Renslow is sophomore Yvette Kim’s April 26 play for the word “heist”. Another star wordle player, Tanner Griggs frequently finds the word in two plays. Mrs. Renslow even admits he’s better than her!  However, the unspoken rule of Wordle is that you don’t reveal the word to their players, so you don’t spoil the fun.

   So, if you haven’t tried out this fun new (borderline addictive) word game, go check it out! The link to the game is below: