Top ten Jobs of January

1. Forest Fire Inspectors & Prevention Specialists:

• Watches for forest fires and maintains fire regulations in the wilderness and helps report forest fires during intense weather conditions


2. Dog Sniffer:

• They routinely sniff a dog’s breath once a week to test for bad breath in order to determine how a dog’s dietary lifestyle effects their dental health


3. Embalmer:

• People who prepare dead bodies for funerals or investigators for research


4. Foley Artists:

• These corky musicians are tasked with the imaginative job of making sound effects with random materials that will make noises such as rolling thunder, crashing, and booming that is used in movie productions


5. Pet Food Tester:

• People who eat dog food for researching purposes to make sure it is pet safe


6. Wood Pattern Makers:

• Carpenters who make specific cuts of wood for sand molds and castings


7. Safecracker:

• When someone’s pass code is lost or combination forgotten, safecrackers use their ears and fingers to listen in on the clicks and dials of a safe or locker to reopen it


8. Crime Scene Cleaner:

• Policemen and investigators arrive at a crime scene to extract meaning and knowledge from an unfortunate occurrence, but they don’t have time to do the dirty work as well. This is where the Crime Scene Cleaners come in. They clean and tidy up the bloody messes left behind by criminal activity, and they must do so even though there is a high risk of catching diseases from bodily fluid


9. Fountain Pen Doctor:

• People who work with the nibs and other parts of a fountain pen to renew it


10. Gastroenterologist:

• Doctors who help patients pass digestive issues in the stomach by reaching through the rectum and working out the clogs