How to Support Sports Teams during Covid


Photo of Woman Sitting on Gray Bleacher Chair by Duong Nhan

Cheyenne Roth, Writer


      With the new order by the Tennessee governor, students are prohibited from coming to view and support their fellow classmates on the basketball court. This season has been severely limited due to the growing concern of spreading COVID. Tickets are required to get into games which are mostly for the families of the players. The possibility of having to  cancel  basketball and other  spring sports still looms over the teams. Under these circumstances many grandparents, community members, and students wonder how to continue supporting their teams without physically being at the game

      Collegedale Academy is trying their absolute best to make games easier and safer to watch and support. Coach Pardo has set up a livestream for most at home games! You can ask Mr. White or any player for the link and share it with others. 

       Other schools have also resorted to live-streaming, so many away games are also filmed and can be found on YouTube. You will have to put up with their schools commentating though. These schools might, also, allow you to go to their games, but you will have to pay a small fee to get in. 

      It’s a difficult school year with so many challenges nobody thought we would have to deal with. Things that we took for granted, like going to classmates’ sporting events, have been taken from us. Take time to congratulate or hype up your teams throughout the school day. There’s always a way to show your support! 

  1. Greet your school’s teammates in the hallway
  2. Hype up the team before a game at school 
  3. Share the livestream links with friends and family