Get Crafty with Festive DIY Holiday Gifts

​With Fall and the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the gift of giving. That being said, nothing can beat a “do it yourself” gift for your loved ones.

​Handmade presents are great for Thanksgiving, birthdays, celebrations, and even simple get-togethers. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or you’re just feeling rather artsy, these gifts are the way to go.

1. Everyone these days has a piece of technology. Take a step past just buying a fancy case for your sister’s iPod – make one! For an idea, look at this toaster pastry iPod cozy:
2. For those of you who have mothers and grandmothers who are exceptional gardeners, give them a gift to decorate the yard. Wind chimes are a great DIY. You can add on to them with small trinkets and jewels and make them as elaborate or simple as you wish. Check out this wind chime idea:

3. One of my favorites are the glitter Mason jar candle-holders. These are such an easy yet beautiful craft, and they’re almost impossible to mess up. Look at this website for quick and easy tips on how to make them:

4. With fall around the corner, pumpkins are soon to be seen on every doorstep and front yard. This year, surprise someone with a set of decorated pumpkins. This page offers several artsy ideas from painting your pumpkins to covering them in push-pins:
5. Christmas cards are meaningful, yes. But sometimes the store bought “Merry Christmas” cards with a cute quote at the bottom get old. Add your own twist to them – glue buttons on the cards! Here’s an example of how to make a snowman card with buttons:
6. Handmade gifts were always easier when we were younger. Dads were happy to see us bring home macaroni necklaces and coloring pages. Now that we’re older, it’s a bit more difficult. This Christmas try advancing a bit from the messy glue and macaroni beads. Make a chalkboard globe – it’s a creative and useful idea which will last for years.
7. Most people have a consistent reader in the family. Give them a customized bookmark to remember you by – they’ll look at it every time they open their book!
These are just a few samples from the huge network of DIY projects. There are websites, magazines, and TV shows on handmade crafts, especially during the holiday times. You can attempt them alone or buy the art supplies in stock and grab a group of friends and make them for their families too. It ensures all-around bonding time which – hey! – that’s what the holidays are all about.