A Freshman’s Guide to Surviving High School


Photo via Pexels by Kobe Michael

Anaya Parker, Writer

Freshman year, full of new challenges, people, and schoolwork. It’s definitely hard, stressful and overwhelming. I remember my freshman year and how confused I was, I just wished I knew what to do and how to do it. Well, you’re in luck, cause here are some tips for freshman year! 

  1. As hard as it may be, try and make friends with lots of people. Sit at another table, talk to someone you haven’t before, and be friendly. And make friends with people outside of your class. It can be really helpful in figuring out how everything works. Those in classes above you have already been a freshman and know the difficulties and how to make things a little easier. Making a wide variety of friends helps you have more fun and navigate the difficulties of high school better. 
  2. Join clubs and extracurricular activities. Being in small groups helps you make good connections with others. Building a strong friendship network is key to high school. Plus learning new things like journalism, law, or computer science helps you learn what you like to do helping you figure out a good career in the future. 
  3. Plan out your time. This is so important because the routines you start now will often carry out throughout your high school years and even into college . Setting your schedule and staying organized will help you feel less  overwhelmed as you get into the harder years of school. It is so important to be organized and prepared.
  4. DON’T PROCRASTINATE!! I know it’s hard (I still do sometimes) but learning not to procrastinate now and stay on task will help you so much in the long run. Freshman year will have a light load compared to other years and if you learn to get your schoolwork done now, you will feel a lot less stressed when you have more homework.
  5. Get good grades. I know freshman year you’re adjusting, but don’t let your grades slack because of that. As you progress it may be hard but keeping your grades up will heighten your gpa. It may seem like not a big deal now, but you’ll regret not working harder on them later when you calculate GPA-based scholarships for college
  6. Be a leader. I know it’s scary starting off and you may want to kind of hang to the back, but putting yourself out there will help make your highschool experience memorable. Do a chapel talk, run for class office, or organize a club. These things will help you gain friends, boost your confidence and provide additions for your college applications. Gaining confidence your first year will help you hold your head high and attract others  who want to hang around with you, too!
  7. Make God a part of your life. Doing devotions every morning and praying will help calm that stress. You may often feel overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, but God understands and is here to help you. Don’t let anxiety get the best of you, trust and lean on God. Pray in those anxious moments and know He is here to help you!

I know things may be scary and difficult but believe me that you’ll get through just fine. The important thing to remember is to work hard, be friendly, and trust God. Building a strong friendship network will make your year enjoyable l.