CA Students Worship with OAKS Students

On September 12, nine Collegedale Academy students met at Ooltewah
Adventist Kindergarten and School (OAKS) to lead out with song
service, perform a special music, and give a talk for the school’s
Thursday morning chapel.

Most of the students were members of OAKS’ class of 2010. Rick
Marshall, OAKS’ 7th and 8th grade teacher, came to Pastor Chris
Massengill to ask if there were some former “OAKS kids” willing to
come and lead out for a chapel sometime.

“All I did was come and ask, and they took it from there,” Marshall said
as he introduced his former students to the school. “I’m
excited so many showed up.”

For many of the CA students, visiting OAKS was a trip down memory

“I loved being able to see all the kids and think back to when
I was in their place. I see how much I’ve changed and grown since my
time at OAKS, and it was just really cool to think about all of those
kids’ futures and where they’ll be in four years,” senior Ashley
Forbeck said.

Senior Andrew Suekert agrees that visiting OAKS brought memories
flooding back. He enjoyed interacting with the kids and sharing about
his experiences on last year’s Panama mission trip.

“I think the one thing that I loved the most was telling the kids . . . ‘four years ago, I was sitting where you were. With God, you’ll
never know just how far you will go in life, or how amazing and crazy
the adventures will be,'” Suekert said.

OAKS’ principal, Ms. Rosa Lee Tubbs, was thrilled that CA students
were willing to come back and interact with their former classmates.

“I’m so glad they were able to come and lead out in chapel. I hope they will be able to come back one day and do it again,” Tubbs said.