Have a home and food? Read this.


Leanne Eckhart

Did you know?
According to American Institute of Research, 1/30 children in America is currently homeless. Greendoors, a program that provides families with affordable homes, states that “84% of families experiencing homelessness are female-headed.” These women and their children face many troubling situations that we do not even think twice about such as a safe place to stay, food, and hygiene needs. Ladies, imagine trying to last an entire period without any menstrual products. Imagine trying to search for a job while trying to care for young children at the same time. Talk about real stress.
Chattanooga Room in the Inn, was started and founded to help single women and chil-dren get back on their feet by providing them with a temporary place to stay, food, childcare, healthcare, mentoring, and many other services.
Their goal is “[t]o empower women and children experiencing homelessness to become self-sufficient by offering a temporary home while providing programs and services necessary to meet their goals.”
Over the years they have been able to help over 3,000 women and children, but this would not be possible without help from the community.
The Senior Bible class at Collegedale Academy was assigned in groups to find a cause they truly care about. My group felt called to help raise awareness for Chattanooga Room in the Inn and help gather donations for the women and children currently living at the Inn. The Bible in James 1:27 calls us to serve. “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress.”
If you feel personally called to donate, you can go www.chattanoogaroomintheinn.com for a financial contribution, or bring new goods such as Household Items, Toiletries, Baby Products, and Food Products to Kaylin Chung by April 27. We will bring all donations to the shelter.