Student Teacher Pre-Conceptions of CA

Often during this time of year, aspiring teachers from various colleges come to try their hand at the infamous duty of teaching.This semester CA is hosting two student teachers from Southern.


How do these new teachers know what to expect? High school kids can be unruly and misbehave – often to the point of making some aspiring teachers give up their dreams.


Miss Glass, a five-year senior and Spanish Arts major, explains her feelings coming into her 8- week student teaching period for Mrs. Marquez’ Spanish classes:


“It’s natural to be nervous starting somewhere new. Teaching is so much about the relationship between the student and teacher;it can be hard starting out with new students.”


Miss Glass previously taught at Tyner, where she was quite comfortable, but she decided to come to CA despite her nerves.


Miss Miller, a senior and English major at SAU, is student teaching for Mrs. Holland’s English classes during this 8-week period. She has had two other siblings attend CA: Cicely and Emily (who is currently a sophomore). As the only other student teacher here, Miller came to the Academy prepared to teach kids with a good work ethic and high intelligence.


“Coming here I figured kids would be smart; it’s just a matter of getting them to act.”