Creative Mask Ideas


Masks. No one likes them and they are a consistent reminder of Covid-19 and the craziness around us. While they are often an annoyance, here are some ways to brighten up your mask! 

  1. Buy some iron on patches and stick them on your mask! This will make your mask unique and show just a little bit more of you.
  2. Embroider something on your mask. It could be your name, an encouraging word, or a bible verse. This will add something special. 
  3. Sew a patch or button onto your mask. You could make a butterfly, flower, basketball, or soccer ball and then attach it giving it a little extra color. 
  4. Buy some cloth markers and draw on your mask! You can write a cool little message, draw something, or just put designs. It gives you the freedom to make your mask look any way you want!
  5. You could make your own mask! Find a pattern and pick your fabric, and enjoy your new look.

I made my masks because I wanted to use them as another way of expressing myself and make the best out of an annoying situation. Having to wear uniforms can make it hard to find ways to show your personality, so masks are a great way to express yourself! Knowing I made them also makes it feel more creative and enjoyable. You can show your mask off and I’m sure you’ll get compliments. Let your creative side run free and make Covid feel a little less awful .