Single Survival: Valentine’s Day


Depending on your relationship status, Valentine’s day is extremely exciting or an annoyance. Flowers, couples, and sappy rom coms appear out of nowhere as February 14 looms over the general population. If you’re spending the day without a valentine, feelings of sadness, inadequacy, and irritation may occur. However, Valentine’s Day can still be a happy occasion even if you’re celebrating it alone. So, before disregarding this holiday season, consider reshaping your ideas. Here are four tips to help you survive Valentine’s Day while single. 


  1. Allow yourself to feel bad (but only for a little bit)

Feeling alone is a valid reason to appear dampened by February 14! As well as being grossed out by the PDA of your cuffed classmates. It’s perfectly okay to take some time, sit with these feelings, and let them run their course. However, don’t let these emotions ruin the whole day. Acknowledging the way Valentine’s affects you is good, but remember that you can change your outlook on this special day.


  1. Change your outlook

As mentioned in step one, changing your outlook is important to surviving a single Valentine’s. It’s easy to spend the day wallowing, however your attitude and self worth shouldn’t be defined by someone else. De-centering the concept of relationships on Valentine’s Day is crucial. Just because you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day romantically doesn’t mean the whole thing is scrapped. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express your appreciation for those you love. There are many different types of love, therefore there are many people you can celebrate with.


  1. Spend time with friends and family

Although you may be single, your friends and family deserve some love too! Buy your mom some flowers, have a “galentine’s day” with your besties, or do something thoughtful for anyone else that comes to mind. In elementary school, Valentine’s Day wasn’t about relationships, but instead everyone in the class brough candies for each other. Why can’t we continue this thought process now? Tell your friends and family you love them, and you can look forward to treating them with gifts and care.


  1. Be your own valentine

Finally, if you’re single on February 14, be your own valentine. Treat yourself to your favorite snacks, binge watch your favorite tv show, pamper yourself and relax. Additionally, you know exactly what to buy your “valentine” because who knows you better than you? Even write yourself a love letter, and recognize what things you love about yourself. These exercises can boost your self confidence, and give you someone to spoil for the day. 


Overall, Valentine’s Day can still be fun and enjoyable. Redirecting your energy and ideas to those you love is a much more productive use of your time. By changing your outlook, spending time with friends and family, and treating yourself better today, you can survive a single Valentine’s.