Mask Etiquette


Art by CottonBro via Pexels

Masks are a bit like seat-belts:  Annoying to wear, but proven to keep you safe. There’s no sign of Covid ending anytime soon, so we might as well buckle down and get used to it. We know wearing a mask (or Gator if you’re that cool) is hard. It messes up the groove, or vibe if you will. Fortunately we have some easy steps for you to take to ease your mask struggles. 

  1. Your mask should be up on your face, covering your mouth AND your nose! Not on your chin, silly-billy! 
  2. Use your outside voice! It can be hard to talk over the mask, but just do your best “teacher yelling at kids on a playground” impression, and you should have the volume just about right. 
  3. Remember that the mask is not only a necessity, it’s functional, 2020 Pandemic PPE! Use the mask as a face barrier to stop your bad breath from entering the air, to catch food crumbs, or even to catch your sneezes! No more worries about coffee breath while talking to your crush. 
  4. Make it a fashion statement! Since we have to wear masks (and probably will for a while), use it as an outlet to express yourself! Wear bright colors, your favorite sports team, or show off your Pinterest-worthy homemade mask. Make Martha Stewart jealous. 
  5. Wash your mask! Masks, like undergarments, should be washed or changed daily. 

If the first 10 months of 2020 have been insane, the last two are going to be downright ludicrous, so buckle up, put on your mask, and embrace the new normal.