Why Converse are Better than Vans


Photo by: Nguyễn Lâm via Pexels

1) Price. The classic Chuck Taylor low top retails for only $50 versus the Vans lowtop at $65. Converse are often on sale for as low as $35 in many shoe stores.

2) They are iconic. Although some may argue that Vans are also a classic, nothing says retro more than a pair of Converse. Established nearly half a century before Vans, Converse have stood the test of time and continue to rank in the top ten most popular shoes.

3) They form to feet. Like any quality piece of clothing, Converse take a while to break in, but afterwards, become extremely comfortable. While Vans feature a standard sneaker shape, Converse form to your feet over time, resulting in a versatile shoe that can be worn during any activity.

4) They look good when dirty. Nothing looks more vintage than a pair of well-worn white Converse. A bit of dirt and wear contribute to the classic look of the shoe, so owners do not need to worry about ruining them as they go about their day. On the other hand, nothing will horrify a Vans owner more than accidentally stepping on their new Old Skools because frankly, dirty Vans look disgusting.

5) They are not as basic. Almost every high schooler owns a pair of Vans, and they have gotten popular to the point that they are no longer iconic. Owning a pair of Vans does not make anyone unique because it has become the norm. While Vans belong to the VSCO girls, Converse are worn by true fashion icons.