Seniors begin work on annual service projects


Melanie Marino, writer

One of the main projects that seniors have to complete in Mrs. Foster’s religion class this year is a service project. Seniors are required to form groups and set up various fundraising projects in order to raise money for a charity of their choice.

To gain a little more insight behind these projects, I talked to Mrs. Foster and asked her several questions about the logistics behind this project.

Why do you choose to do service projects?

“I like the idea of the seniors finding something that they have a passion for that they want to raise money or raise awareness for. It forces the seniors to find something that’s a need that they are interested in then actually do something about it.”

Out of the years that you’ve taught senior religion, have you ever had a group that went above and beyond?

“This is only the second year that I’ve done it, but I would say the kids have gone above and beyond what I was expecting, and I would say that the student body went above and beyond as well. I’m excited about the prospect of the things that they’ve already suggested that they want to do.”

What was one of the most interesting/different projects that you’ve seen?

“I thought it was pretty cool that two groups wanted to raise money for Orange Grove, as a result of a band going to Orange Grove, so they already kind of had a relationship there. I thought that it was really cool that as a result of something else that happened in school they already had a passion for helping out this facility.

“There was another group that went in a different direction than a lot of people and played music at Wired to raise money for one of the local homeless shelters.

One other thing I thought was neat: They did a bake sale, but they actually went and talked to PetCo because they were raising money for McKamey. I thought it was cool how they went outside of CA and set it up.”