Mu Alpha Theta Opens Tutoring Center

Sarah Andrews, Staff Writer

     Mu Alpha Theta is a nationwide mathematics honor society, and at Collegedale Academy the Mu Alpha Theta club is sponsored by Mrs. Beasley. Students who join this club have special requirements and duties, such as completing up to an Algebra II level in math, involvement in events such as pi day, and having 5 tutoring hours per semester. 

      After finding out about the tutoring requirements, Mrs. Beasley came up with the idea for a tutoring center. Mu Alpha Theta President, senior Jack Gustman helped organize and set up the center, which is open Monday through Thursday until 4:15.

       Jack mentioned that he’s seen a lot of improvement in the students that visit the center, and when students start doing better on their own and come to the center less frequently, “The math club feels like we succeeded.” The number one tip Gustman offers is to take notes during math class. During tutoring, the biggest problem is when students don’t take notes and can not grasp the concepts. So, taking notes and coming to the center if additional help is needed is highly recommended!

   The math center is a place for people of all math levels to get help on assignments, study, and complete their homework. Mrs. Beasley’s classroom is split up into pods organized by math concept, with a tutor assigned to each pod. Whether to raise grades or extra credit in math class; the tutoring center is a new resource that students can utilize.

    Brady Griffith, sophomore, often visits the tutoring center. After attending the center, Griffith noticed his grades and motivation for school raising. “It gives me a place to just sit down and get my homework done,” he says. 

    Algebra II student Ally Walker goes to the tutoring center roughly twice a week to get help on the work she doesn’t understand in class. Walker recommends going to the tutoring center for those who have trouble remembering what they learned in class or struggle with focusing on homework.

Overall, the math center is a great place to focus, get work done, and receive extra help from peers and teachers in math. So, if you’re struggling in math or just need an extra boost, come visit the Mu Alpha Theta center this week!