Former CA religion teacher inspires during Week of Prayer


Mia Ford, writer

Mrs. Mollie Dupper, former CA religion teacher, was the selected speaker for CA’s Week of Prayer held from August 22-26, 2016.

Here is an overview of Mrs. Dupper’s messages:

Day 1: Move

Mrs. Dupper encourages CA to start moving and spreading Christ wherever they are.

Day 2: The Water Walker

Just as Peter walked on water to meet Jesus, though fearful and afraid, we should also take a step of faith for what God has planned for us. Stop being a boat potato, and start being a water walker.

Day 3: Breathe into me

Let God breathe into your heart. Let the power of the Lord surge into your soul. Let Him be the focus of your life. Revitalize with the breath of the Lord.

Day 4: Wake up, you’re burning daylight

Mrs. Dupper explains that we need to be using our talents for God.

 Day 5: Overcome your excuses

Stop giving God excuses such as “it will happen eventually” or “I’ll get around to that soon.” Now is the time to be living for Christ. Use the spark God gave us to light up someone else’s world.


If you have enjoyed Mrs. Dupper’s talks this week, be sure to go to CAYA tonight (Friday, August 26) at the Farrow’s Place at 6:30 p.m.