Solving the Jacket Epidemic


Liz Sinigaglio, Writer

The dress code for jackets has gotten out of hand. This issue is both multi-faceted and frustrating. Students are extremely angry with the combination of strict dress codes and cold school buildings. On the other hand, teachers are annoyed that they must continue calling out students who wear illegal jackets.

There are two main problems that students have with the jacket code. One, the jackets that are allowed now are not warm enough in the hallways, outdoors, or in certain chilly classrooms. It’s just too cold for only one or two thin jacket/pullover options.

The second problem is that students can’t wear their sport jackets. This is the more prominent issue, because all these jackets are made for CA teams and yet they can’t be worn around the school being represented. This part of the dress code is one of the most heavily disliked rules in school.

Students have taken initiative and started spreading the word and putting up a formal petition sheet near Baldwin’s office. This petition is a leap forward and stresses how important this issue is for students. Fortunately, staff have been attentive to this plight and have decided to vote on the issue.

So how can you help handle this? Just rely on communication. Talk to your parents and teachers about it. Also, make sure that you’re following the current dress code rules regarding hoodies. If people are following the current rules, staff are more likely to approve new ones.

All we can do now is follow the current dress code, and hold onto the hope that this problem will be resolved soon.