Changes in CA Acroforce

Sadly, this year CA has to do without a wonderful teacher and an equally wonderful person, Mr. Pittman. Mr. Sinigaglio has taken over the science portion of Mr. Pittmans duties, but what about his beloved Acroforce team?  Now, Acro has a new coach, Grace Bondurant. If youre not on acro, you probably have not met or even seen her; thats because Coach Graces sole responsibility is Acro. The coach may be different, but the family aspect will still be there this year, explains boyscaptain Aaron Patterson. Everyone that was on the team last year can help bring in a little of the old team atmosphere, maybe not in the same way but in the best way possible for our new team.

In addition to a new coach, Acro practice also has a new venue and new hours. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Acro practices at SAUs recently-renovated gymnastics gym. As for hours, the usual 7th period practice time has been moved to 1st period, and on certain days, practice begins at 7:00 or 7:30 a.m. So now, if you see any Acro members stumbling sleepily through the halls, you know why.

Despite the many changes in the program, Acrforce remains alive and well. The team has a lot of potential and everybody seems to be working their hardest to be ready for Acrofest and the shows to come,says girlscaptain Kayden Ammerall.