10 Things Students Don’t Know about Mr. Kimball


Brendan Hall, Writer

1. He is a certified scuba diver.
2. His first language is Spanish, although he remembers very little of it now.
3. His parents taught at Calexico School in California.
4. His father was a cowboy.
5. He has traveled to Ireland, Greece, England, France, many of the Caribbean islands, Bermuda, and all 50 states.
6. He has two biological kids, four step kids, and 12 grandchildren .
7. He has taught at Takota Academy, Mt. Pisga, Fletcher Academy, Bass Memorial Academy, Atlanta Adventist Academy, and many other schools.
8.He identifies as a Texan.
9. His Grandfather traveled on the Chisholm trail twice.
10. In college, he majored in history.