Students of CA: Carmen Romero

This article is the first in a series to showcase student talents that may fly under the radar. If you know of someone with a cool talent or hobby, please let us know! We’d love to feature them! 


“Never underestimate your abilities. There might be talent hidden in you that the world needs to see.” -Wahiba Ismail. 

Without a doubt, CA is a highschool full of gifted, hardworking students. Through many extracurriculars, student’s have a chance to showcase their talents. Still, there are those who shine behind the “curtains.” As Wahiba Ismail inferred, there is talent that the world needs to see. I believe each one of us is called to pull back the “curtains,” let the spotlight shine on students who often feel unseen. Believe it or not, some of the most talented people at CA walk past you every day, and you may have no idea that you are looking at a future Picasso. 

Carmen Romero (senior), is a creative artist whose drawings leave you speechless. She was born in North Carolina and moved to Tennessee at the age of twelve. Her many hobbies include belting out musicals, hanging out with friends, playing softball, and drawing. 

When asked what “hobby” meant to her, Carmen defined it as “something you enjoy and don’t mind doing. It wont stress you out and it will make you feel safe.” Her hobby for drawing took flight early on when a friend commented on how good her fan drawings were for a favorite TV show. Since then, Carmen has explored more ways to express herself through art. 

Many artists face challenges. For Carmen, her greatest obstacle is fighting her inner critic. Fortunately, Carmen has a network of supportive friends and family. Her twin sister, Paris, has been a huge supporter. Along with family, Carmen also has two talented art teachers that have inspired her in many ways. 

Although Carmen may seem shy, she has a very bubbly personality. She loves her morning coffee and giving free hugs. If you see her in the hallway, strike up a conversation. She is very friendly and would love to talk, especially about her art! 

“Mario”— Along with her hobby of drawing, Carmen also does storyboarding. She thought drawing herself in a Mario costume would be a funny idea. Using vibrant shades of color pencils, she brought her cute character to life. 

“Alexander Hamilton”— The musical Hamilton was more than a hit and many fans have created unique drawings of Hamilton. Carmen wanted to recreate Hamilton’s signature, so on the top right corner, she signed his name and drew Hamilton’s portrait along with it. 

“Eliza”— Carmen wanted to try new colors so she tested them out on this beautiful drawing of another Hamilton character.

“Fenton”— a character inspired by mythology. The name itself comes from two different words: Marshes and Town. Fenton likes to play in the marshes in Brazil and is very curious. He is inspired by a Fennec Fox, American Badger, and the Black-bellied Pangolin. Can you see all the different animals she used?

“The Short Life”— Carmen has been drawing characters for her stories in her series, The Short Life. After buying a new jacket, Carmen wanted to draw her character wearing the outfit too!