CA Changes and Renovates Classrooms


Photo via pexels by Ksenia Chernaya

Last year Collegedale Academy broke the news that its classrooms would be changing around. The faculty believed it would be much easier to have hallways dedicated to different subjects. This school year there is now an English hallway, a religion hallway, and the math and science building is where all the math and science classes are located.

However, this idea was not such an easy project. It took all summer to finish moving around classrooms and even splitting one classroom in half. All this was made possible by the work of Mr. Phillps and his student workers. They worked on many things, including painting, putting in ceiling grids, building a wall, moving furniture, and more.

 Alexandra Garcia is a junior who worked over the summer helping change the school. Alexandra said, “being able to talk to so many different people, and making new friends.” was her favorite part of the experience.  She also said that the most challenging part of the experience was having to go back to work right after a nice relaxing lunch. Overall Alexandra said she really enjoyed her time working over the summer.

Many students had a difficult time getting used to the new layout. Some were hesitant at first when they found out about the idea of switching classrooms, but some like this way better. Junior Lizneidy Bartolon said, “ I think it was a good idea to switch classrooms…this layout makes more sense.”  Not only is it more convenient for students, but it is also more convenient for teachers. Mrs. Bradley, the English IV and Comp teacher, said the best part about switching classrooms is that she is now in the English Hall beside the two other English teachers. Mr. White, the U.S. History and Government teacher, said “The easiest part of the moving was honestly the people who did the moving. Mr. Phillips and his crew pretty much did everything.” When asked about the process of moving many teachers praised Mr. Phillips and his crew for making the move so easy.

Although the move was not completely seamless. Most teachers had a lot of objects to move from classroom to classroom. A big part of the student workers job was moving furniture, helping set up the classrooms, and getting them all ready for school. Many teachers had already made their old classrooms special and unique to them. Moving to the new classrooms meant they had to figure out how to make their new classroom their own.

All in all, although the project took a long time and there were many difficulties, at the end it was all worth it for all the new found convenience and efficiency.