New Faces: From Homeschooling to In-Person at CA



       Each year, Collegedale Academy receives new students, some of which are transitioning from homeschooling to in-person school. This year, an unusually large number, nearly 30, previously homeschooled students have joined the many faces of CA Highschool. Interested in this transition process, the Echolier staff asked them questions about their experience.

        When asked what the hardest part of coming to school was, sophomore Lluvia Pena said, “Definitely seeing people everyday… It was very overwhelming.” Freshman Maya Byrd explained that the hardest part is not knowing who to be friends with, because most people have known each other for years. Bri Zepeda, a junior, commented that not knowing where classes were, less free time, and different testing formats were the most difficult adjustments. 

       There are positives about in person school as well. Many former homeschoolers mentioned that their favorite part of in-person school was the social aspect and community experience. Being able to see friends and make new ones every day is a bonus. 

       Freshman Katiana Bujak’s advice to homeschoolers considering attending in-person school is to “Go with the flow, and be a friend.” Lluvia Pena explained that the transition is unique to each person. She advises,“Try not to worry and allow yourself to adjust in your own way.” Bri Zepeda recommends stressing less than she did. 

So, make sure to be extra friendly to former homeschoolers. And new students, take this advice and know that new faces are always appreciated at CA!