SA Picnic 2021


    Every year, the students of Collegedale Academy showcase their athletic skills and competitive spirit at the Annual SA Picnic! Due to COVID-19, last year’s picnic was cancelled, so this year, many students were looking forward to the chance to compete. With events such as the high jump, 100 yard dash, shot put, relay, and the softball throw, students from freshmen to seniors can show their support for their class through participating. 

          The swimming events take place at The Hulsey Wellness Fitness Center. These include girls and guys 50 meter freestyle, 50 meter backstroke, 100 meter relay, and inner tube relay. Junior boys dominated, thanks to Garet Gipson (11), who swims competitively outside of school. For the girls, the seniors won in almost every category. The final and funniest race to watch was the inner tube relay, where participants struggled to stay afloat on the tubes and make it across the pool to their team mates.

          Down on the track, students raced their hearts out, and attempted to beat the school records while gaining points for their class. JoJo Kibwage (12) and Ysani Peña (12) gave everyone else a run for their money during the boys 100 yard dash. Even after JoJo tore his hamstring and Ysani threw up multiple times, their sportsmanship and love for the event still shone through. 

          Back at the gym, Hannah Herren (11) came just shy of tying the school record during the high jump. With her large stride and long legs, she soared through the air, flying over the 5-foot bar with ease. Another high jumper, Thomas Turk (11), had a different, yet effective, approach to the high jump. Leaping off the gym floor, Thomas would tuck his legs up underneath him, holding his knees to his chest cannonball style. 

         While these tried and true events are enjoyable, discussions on other possible events, such as tug-o-war, eating competition, and car push are in the works. Also under consideration is the  possibility of snacks being served. Overall, the SA Picnic is one thing that students and faculty at CA look forward to every year, and each year, it just gets better and better.