Juniors Dominate in Class Softball Games


Hannah Boyd, Staff Writer

Class softball games are a favored event here at Collegedale Academy. They bring out the class’s competitive side and their thirst to win the famed SA Skip Day. Saturday, August 28, was a huge hit, even with the pandemic that has lasted the past year and a half. Parents, faculty members, and friends came together to cheer on the players, unbothered by the blistering summer heat. 

Most people expect the senior class to win the games, but this year, that all changed. Sporting periwinkle blue shirts, the junior class took the games by storm, annihilating the seniors in the championship. Both the girls and the boys team walked away that night with their heads held high, reminiscing about their victory over the upperclassmen. 

No matter who wins or loses, SA Class Softball Games are always an exciting and memorable event. Senior Ryan Lopez says, “I like class games because the spirit of the class comes out and everyone has a good time.” Even CA alumna Sophia Williams-Marlow, who came to cheer on her old classmates, says, “I wanted to see people I knew and I like the senior class a lot. Class games are such a special time.” Congratulations on the win, Junior Class of 2023!