The End of the Familiar

Ben Mixon

A beginning. A ship adrift to bear me into the current, lifted in the form of family. Safely raising me, inevitably sending me out into the waters, they reluctantly watch as I struggle to swim. But the waves become comfortable and still yet, consistent as the ship fades. A repetitive journey of submerged travel ensues, one many would consider memorable. It is not until I appear, thrown up by the tide and crawling up the beach, that look up to see what might befall me soon. There, it is looming.

Will I approach? Will I be ready for it’s inevitable coming? Will I even now, run back into the sea, where I lay submerged in familiar motion for so long? Now, in this moment, time is frozen, and the looming object is there, looking, waiting.

(Hint: it’s graduation)

-Ben Mixon